Created in 2012, this project is very special to me. It is a collaboration with my Mother (she designed the cards) and stars my partner, Annie Boon. And the film focused on welcoming a new person to this world, which we did about 7 months after production wrapped on this project (we took our son to the movie's premiere). 
I love handmade, practical titles but there is a reason that they aren't made very often; and you realize why pretty quickly if you are a terrible speller like I am. Since all the cards were made by hand and the text stenciled on, I was going to run into a problem if I spelled someone's name wrong; especially since we were filming the titles on location, about 45 miles away from my studio. Turns out I did spell someone's name wrong but I had brought blank cards with me just in case and redrew the letters on site. The shoot went really well and the titles turned out great!
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