I was contacted by Diana Davis about a new movie she was working on. I had designed the poster for her previous movie, "Cathedral Canyon" and had a great experience working with her, so this project was very easy to say yes to. When we met to discuss direction, I had an image stuck in my head that would really showcase what the film is about and went ahead with that concept.
Comparing the first pass and the final art, there really isn't a huge change. Usually, a concept evolves a lot over the design process, sometimes shifting into a final piece of art that is completely unrelated to the original design. This is not the case. I went with my inspiration and after several rounds of edits and adjustments, the final piece is very similar to the first draft of the poster. 
Working full-time at a trailer company, I don't have a lot of time available to freelance anymore and creating poster art like this gives me an opportunity to test design styles and hone my skills without taking away any family time (this was built during lunch breaks and when I couldn't sleep at night). 
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