After a few years of living in Los Angeles, I wanted to start making videos again. I missed my group of filmmakers from Synthetic Human Pictures and wanted to start something sort of like that where I was currently living. Since most of my work is classified as "miscellaneous" on IMDb, I thought that would be a clever name for this group.
The first logo (original) is very simple and didn't last more than a few months. I hired my friend from a design agency in Scottsdale to make the second logo and that one lasted about 5 years. 
I really liked the redesign but after a few years, I wanted something new and shiny. I spent some time between projects tinkering with ideas and after a very long time building in 3D and texturing, I finally landed on the new logo:
With this logo, we're back to mostly type, but the arrangement within the 3D world gives it a neat perspective look that stands out from other projects I've worked on. 
And hopefully I like this one for a while because I don't see myself having any free time to design another logo in the future. Time to make some more videos!
See some of the fun video projects I've made at
And here's the animated logo:
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