This is the project that started my fascination with title sequences. Back in 2009, I was working with a team of filmmakers at Synthetic Human Pictures in Phoenix, Arizona. We were working on a short film called Pattern: Response and we needed a cool credit sequence. The story is about a man who becomes aware that his life is being tracked and altered, leading him down a slippery slope into insanity. I wanted the title sequence to feel like a continuation of this feeling of being watched and came up with the idea of un-redacting confidential government papers. Since creating this a decade ago, I've seen some other sequences use the same concept (and I'm probably not the first to use it) and it always makes me smile and reminisce of all the crazy times working with this group of people. And if I hadn't taken on this project, I don't know if I'd be doing the work that I do now and that would be a pretty weird reality to live in. 
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